Here I am

Do you know how long it took us to capture this picture where everyone was actually smiling?  Too long.  The only members missing from this portrait of sorts are our cat (who thinks she is far too important for such nonsense) and Blaze, our two-legged bearded dragon. 

DSC_0553 (1)I’m Tracy, the one in pink.  I’ve been married to my husband, Matt, for 21 years and surrounding me is what I affectionately call my “band of weasels”.  Stephen (17) is my oldest son and then there is my blondie, 14-year old Abbie.  Both of my oldest children were adopted from Russia. Seven years ago, our family decided to step out of our comfort zone and become a foster family.  I envisioned our home being a revolving door for children in need and I was committed to reunification.  Little did I know that the first children we cared for would eventually be our son and daughter!  David (8) and Jayda (7) have brought us immense joy.  I love having a multi-cultural family, challenges and all.

As a person, I am “wired” to be a connector.  People fascinate me. Whether I’ve been riding the NY subway, holding adorable orphans in Haiti, roaming the bustling streets of Amman, or buying groceries in Bel Air, one thing remains the same: people want to be heard, they long to connect with other human beings.  My faith motivates me to look for ways to build bridges in the hopes of understanding others.

Though I am pursuing my degree in Mass Communications, Journalism and New Media, I am aware that very few things in life happen exactly as I imagine them.  Being at Towson University is a gift and I’m looking forward to watching this chapter in my life unfold.


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