Snapchat employs journalists

snapchatNo longer just a teenage “sexting” tool, Snapchat has opened the door to a land of opportunity for

Writer Jasper Jackson shares in an article for The Guardian how the company is currently hiring journalists to cover the 2016 US presidential race.  In April, Snapchat hired Peter Hamby, a former CNN political reporter, to lead as head of news.  Now they are in search of experienced individuals to be part of the content team to work with him.

Snapchat has already developed relationships with other media outlets, increasing their growth.  Through use of the app’s Our Story feature, users everywhere can add their own contributions to an existing story, creating a greater buzz related to a specific event.

I believe Snapchat can add to the hype of particular event, especially since it is designed to invite others to participate.  However, I question whether the typical Snapchat user is really interested in political stories or other news related events.  Also, I feel that in some manner, serious stories run the risk of being cheapened since they literally disappear after 24 hours within the confines of the app.


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