Through my lens

The following photographs were shot using my trusty old Nikon D3000.  No edits were made.

The beloved tiger in front of Stephens Hall.


I shot the tiger from several angles and decided on this one simply because I like the contrast of the subject against the bright blue sky.  The lighting highlights the details of the tiger nicely.

My baby girl, Jayda (7)


Most children do not enjoy getting their picture taken, but my Jayda does a fantastic job working with the camera.  She’s a real natural.  Always expressive, it’s relatively easy to catch her in an authentic moment.  In this photograph, she really connected with the lens and her smile (dimples and all) is a true portrait of her personality.

First day of fall


I find this a bit boring and lacking in creativity, but if I were working for a newspaper and was asked to get a “weather shot”, this is as close as I could get since the leaves are not yet changing.  Pumpkins instinctively remind me of fall and I added the white pumpkin for some contrast.


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