Stumbling into a sports bar

Before you hear Jessica’s story, I need to introduce you to Mark.  In fact, meeting Mark will help you to better understand Jessica.

Remember how I mentioned taking a Mass Media and Society class that first exposed me to the concept of otherizing?  Well the professor of that class was Mark; Mark Sullivan.


Stephen Smith and Mark Sullivan, pretending to look natural as I take a still shot.

Mark teaches courses in mass media and popular culture at both Towson University and Walden University.  His doctoral dissertation, Dangerous Music: The Eternal Refrain (I’m almost done reading it and it’s fascinating), explored the battles over popular music throughout the 20th century.  Additionally, he has taught various courses on the history of popular music at the Smithsonian Institution.  He regularly posts about popular music on his blog, Societe Anonyme Inc,  and he is also an editor and contributor for the site Sit Down/Listen Up, devoted to sitting down and listening to single albums without distractions.

That’s sort of his official bio.

But Mark is also an avid reader, a gifted writer, an art-enthusiast and an engaging communicator with a great sense of humor.

So how is Mark going to help us understand Jessica better?  And where does stumbling into a sports bar fit into all of this?

Watch and find out.


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