Building a bar, building a bridge

There is no doubt that commercials have the power to influence viewers.

In some cases, it’s a total disaster, like Pepsi’s recent “Live For Now Moments Anthem” ad that trivialized real issues.  Pepsi’s “moment” only lasted a moment.  After issuing an apology, they pulled the commercial, but not before receiving a ton of backlash across social media for their insensitivity.

Kristina Monllos does a fantastic job at bringing helpful critique to the Pepsi ad in her article that can be found here.  It’s worth the read.

But not all commercials that take on big issues are a flop.

Heineken dropped a fantastic ad that coincides perfectly with the purpose of this blog.

Two things struck me.

1- Completing a task or serving others in some capacity, with a stranger, can be a powerful thing in and of itself.  Working together towards a common purpose can make it easier to connect with someone we do not know.

2- By having someone describe themselves, it gives the other person the chance to listen. There’s no debating or arguing; just learning and choosing to accept someone for who they are.

Did you wonder what you would have said or done if you were part of this experiment?

I did.

None of us may be included in an experiment like this, but we all have the same opportunity with the people we encounter every day.

The decision is still up to you:  You may go or discuss your differences over a beer.

Anyone want to grab a Heineken?

I’m game.


2 thoughts on “Building a bar, building a bridge

  1. I would gladly go to a bar with someone who has different views than me with one very important exception. I would have a martini. Sharing differences can be an eye opener. Heck, I might even have a Heineken on second thought.


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