White privilege and our past

White privilege.

These two words, side by side, can evoke all sorts of emotions within us.

Dr. Mark Sullivan takes a stab at defining white privilege.

Furthermore, he explains how slavery has complicated the issue of race in America.

“This constant lack of power of others – particularly Blacks who were brought here against their will – is a reminder of this past that we have never really dealt with entirely and we don’t really know how to deal with.”  – Mark Sullivan

For those who many be iffy about this whole idea of white privilege, it would benefit you to read  A breakdown of white privilege, which was written in response to the article Why white privilege is as racist as it sounds.

And don’t forget the value of spending time with someone of another race to get their perspective.  Be humble.  Ask questions.  Listen.

Some people have been challenged to do this over a beer.


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