Don’t be a jackass

“Dear white people: no one is saying your life can’t be hard if you’re white but it’s not hard because you’re white.”  (Twitter user, Austin @kvxll)

My younger sister shared this tweet with me last week.  I don’t know Austin, but this statement really resonated with me.

We’re often not aware of our white privilege, are we?

FullSizeRender.jpgMark Sullivan believes that “in many ways that is the insidiousness of white privilege, in that those who live within its cushion, just see it as the norm.”

I know that is true of me.

When I sat down with Mark and asked him, as a white male, how he became aware of his white privilege, his answer caught me by surprise.  It all started with rapper Chuck D‘s jackass theory:  Just Acting Caucasian Kills A Simple Solution.

“I didn’t see myself as acting White.  I just saw myself as acting normal.”               -Mark Sullivan                         

Listen in – and pay close attention around the two minute mark, when he unpacks the idea of how all Black stereotypes are compared to the norm: whiteness.  It’s both logical and insightful.

Do you recognize that there is a White standard?


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